Top 13 Hispanic Sustainability Influencers

Being born and raised in Florida there’s a particular connection to Latinx culture. Often times you will go to a Walmart and the aisle signs are in English and Spanish- especially in South Florida. When going to USF in Tampa, I was exposed to more of Latinx culture in the people I met, food I [...]

13 Places to Sell Your Things to Make Cash Money

My husband didn't know much about the reselling world. He didn't know about Facebook Marketplace and apps like OfferUp. He only ever got items or bought items from people he knew or a person a friend referred him to. This was a new thing for him to consider but it wasn't too hard of sell [...]

How to thrift safely during quarantine?

To go thrifting or not to go thrifting? That is the question. Stores are opening back up and cities are going through their reopening stages. People are getting a little more courageous to get out of their sweatpants into real clothes and into the real world again. Some people agree with people going out- boosting [...]