Top 13 Hispanic Sustainability Influencers

Being born and raised in Florida there’s a particular connection to Latinx culture. Often times you will go to a Walmart and the aisle signs are in English and Spanish- especially in South Florida. When going to USF in Tampa, I was exposed to more of Latinx culture in the people I met, food I ate, friends I made, and the language I embraced. I fell in love with the culture. I even did I summer study abroad in Costa Rica to become conversational in Spanish.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th to October 15th), I curated a list of phenomenal, go-getters, inspirational Hispanic/Latinx women that are doing their thing in sustainable living. The backgrounds of these women range from environmentalist, activism, to sustainable fashion.

We should be striving to curate a social media feed – whether that’s Instagram or TikTok – that truly reflects and embraces the diverse people in this movement. This desire to have a more BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) inclusive social media page should go beyond Hispanic Heritage Month but something we continuously strive for all year long.

14 Hispanic women doing their dang thing! Many of these women openly support the Black Lives Matter movement and provide tangible resources in their bios or Instagram highlights to help people with next steps.

  1. chloegoslowly

2. jazminvegaz

3. callmeflowerchild


5. thethrightinglemon

6. thegirlgonegreen

7. waterthruskin

8. natalia.trevino

9. stevieyaaaay

10. sustainablystylish

11. alisson simmonds

12. andrea_katerina

13. thatcurlytop

Similar to my Top 15 Black Zerowaste Influencers post this is just a beginning place, launching pad to the Hispanic and Latinx in the low waste/zerowaste/sustainability movement. There are so many more out there! I encourage you to use this list as a connector. Once you explore one these women use it to connect with other Hispanic people in this lifestyle. And let it grow from there!

There are diverse people with all shades of skin putting their own spin, doing their part, to living a sustainable lifestyle. 

Share other Hispanics you know in the sustainability movement in the comments below!

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