How to thrift safely during quarantine?

To go thrifting or not to go thrifting? That is the question.

Stores are opening back up and cities are going through their reopening stages. People are getting a little more courageous to get out of their sweatpants into real clothes and into the real world again.

Some people agree with people going out- boosting up the economy again and other people are not so much. They want people to stay home as much as possible and limit interaction with others wearing a face mask.

Whatever side you are on of things please stay safe. The best thing to do is equip people to be as safe as possible when they do go out.

I know so many  people have told me that they miss thrifting! The thrill of it all, the great prices, shopping sustainably- the whole nine yards. Here are some recommendations how to thrift safely and prevent spreading the coronavirus.

Wear a reusable mask

Bring and use hand sanitizer

Stay 6ft away from people

Max two people in a row of clothes at a time

Bring your own reusable bag

Wash all your clothes before wearing

(I personally felt okay trying on a few clothes on but it depends on you)

Avoid peak shopping times

(i.e. afternoon times and Saturdays)

Limit the amount of times you thrift in person

Be open to thrifting online aka using apps

If you choose to thrift in person please be safe and consider these recommendations. If thrifting in person is not for you but you still want to shop secondhand do consider shopping apps. If you sign up for my newsletter I show you 6 helpful FREE secondhand shopping apps you can use today. But if apps aren’t your thing here is my list of 11 Black-Owned Secondhand Store to Support Today!

These times are uncertain and scary for so many of us but we will make it through and grow from this experience!

Outfit: Thrifted Grey Tank Top: Sunshine Thrift Store in St. Petersburg | Thrifted Black Belt: Savers | Mom Jeans: Goodwill | White Sunglasses: Sunshine Thrift Store in St. Petersburg

How are you staying safe while secondhand shopping during quarantine?

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