How to support a small sustainable business in under 5 mins

I grew up in a family of small business owners. My mom owns her own salon, my aunt and uncle have there own businesses. I grew up helping my mom at the shop. Learning the value of building something from the ground up.

I’ve seen firsthand the value of supporting a business goes in the early stages. Y’all it’s everything!

The last thing I ever want to hear someone say is they don’t know how to support or they don’t know what they can do as one person. Similar to the fight for justice for Black lives  and climate change- individual actions matter.

Individual actions of one billion people- is a billion people moving towards a common cause.

Many of the sustainable businesses starting up need extra lovin and support. It’s hard enough to have a business out here going against the status quo, plus the Rona Corona virus- it’s just A LOT.

So here you go!  9 ways to support small businesses in under 5 minutes.


Tell friends about the business. Word of mouth (or a text!) is powerful!

Write an honest review. The more people hear from a customer the higher the business credibility goes up!

Share a post. Re-sharing content from any social media platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) is how new people hear about the business!

Comment on a post. Business owners love to hear from you!

Purchase a product or service. Websites already save our card info- just pick a product and support!

Follow the business on social media. Ya’ll know this takes like 0.5 secs and now your in the know of latest news with the business!

Sign up for a newsletter. There’s often discounts and exclusive announcements here! Sign up for the Fullbyles Family discount while you’re at it!

Post a business flyer. Bring the business to a new part of town or community. 

Share business cards. People still ask for them!

And since we are talking about small sustainable businesses, here are 5 you can learn more about and love on today!

  1. PANAFRICA Store: a sustainable mind-business that creates colorful sneakers in Africa
  2. Arrow + Phoenix Swim: based in the U.S. this company creates gorgeous swimwear from recycled materials
  3. Aya Paper & Co.:  a sustainable stationary company
  4. Blk and Grn: all natural marketplace by all Black artisans

Thank you for supporting small business.

Thank you for supporting small sustainable businesses.

You’re support is invaluable to small businesses!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, here is my list of 11 Black-Owned Secondhand Store to Support Today!

Outfit: Thrifted White Blouse| Thrifted Old Navy Grey Flats: Salvation Army | Thrifted Mom Jeans: Goodwill | Black Sunglasses: Found them Somewhere!

What’s a sustainable small business we all need on our radar? 

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