11 Black-Owned Secondhand Stores to Support NOW

There is some serious change in the air. If it was not the coronavirus pandemic that had us on our toes the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has got people just… well let’s just say there are a lot of emotions out there the primary ones being ANGER, FEAR, and EXHAUSTION.

Despite these hard and overwhelming feelings Black people have to navigate regularly then you put a global pandemic on it- there is A LOT going on the world, especially in America. However, a wonderful thing that has bloomed from this call for justice, value of Black lives, and equity is a big push to educate oneself to gain understanding and then go out and support! There has been a bigger push than ever before to ACT and act NOW.

One way to go into action in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is to support Black-Owned businesses.

I know there are people that want to and are interested in learning but don’t know where to start.

I got you!

Similar to my list of Top 15 Black Zerowaste Influencers this is just a starting place, launching pad, first step on a stair case to the Black-Owned Vintage and Secondhand stores out there!

1. Almu Store

A sustainable online store that aims to provide nothing but pre-loved high quality curated goods.

2. High Fashion Thrift

High Fashion Thrift’s mission aims to reclaim materials of the past in efforts to preserve a beautiful future; to emanate a refined balance of elegance and creativity; to challenge the perception of thrift, while blurring the line between sustainability and luxury.IMG_1562.jpg

3. Shop Gypsy Freedom

Gypsy Freedom was created to provide an easy and affordable way for the everyday lady to style herself with sustainable fashions. Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.28.36 PM

4. Backtrack

Backtrack is a premium vintage retailer that offers a completely unique shopping experience. They converted a 1994 Ford school bus into their store so they would never be held back from bringing you the best vintage items they could find.

5. Soirée Consignment

Soirée is an Online Designer Consignment Boutique that offers new, vintage and pre-owned clothing and accessories.

6. Aarica Nicole Vintage

Her Etsy store is a mixture of effortlessly stylish vintage + upcyled handmade goods. Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.44.36 PM

7. Nello Vintage

NELLO is a curated thrift brand that is non-binary to any form of fashion and promotes positive self-love with sustainable clothing through artistic expression.9314D83D-FD76-4EF8-9A39-D1570A10C380.jpg

8. Fyre Vintage 

10% of the profit from your purchase will be used to source sustainable NWT and like-new clothing, which will be donated to various women’s shelters in Detroit, MI. Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.38.20 PM

9. Alexis’ Suitcase

Alexis’ Suitcase strives to provide a great value for their customer in a friendly environment.

10. TrueLoStyle

A curated online vintage thrift store. Find unique modern clothing pieces and accessories.


11. Shop Black and Brown

Buy and sell men’s and women’s modern designer, and vintage items.


Thank you for being a part of the fight for justice.

Thank you for supporting Black-Owned businesses.

Thank you for supporting businesses that support the sustainable fashion industry.

Now you are equipped with the tools to start supporting some Black-Owned secondhand stores. If you know other people on the search of Black-Owned business to support – you know what to get them! Together we can support Blacks in the selling of secondhand clothes industry.

What are other Black-Owned Vintage or Secondhand Stores out there?

I would love to grow this list!

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