33 Eco-friendly At-Home Activities to do besides Netflix

We are all in truly unprecedented times. It’s scary to not have a real sense of what the next couple of months will look like. There is no way to know the extent of the impact the coronavirus will have on the world.

Health officials and organizations recommend we practice social distancing or more like physical distancing to reduce spreading the virus. They say limited human interaction will help decrease the spread of the world renown coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 which sounds like the name of a top secret case for special agent if you ask me.

It can be hard during this time to figure out what to do with yourself let alone eco-friendly things to do. Hopefully these ideas give you a starting place or inspire fun new ideas to do indoors individually or with a small group of people.

Personal Development

  1. Read a book
  2. Journal your thoughts and experiences
  3. Sign up for an online class (like these FREE Ivy League Courses)
  4. Reflect and reevaluate goals for 2020
  5. Create a budget
  6. Meditate
  7. Stretch



  1. Meal Prep
  2. Try cooking a new dish from Pinterest
  3. Put together a to-go utensil set from your house silverware


  1. Organize your closet
  2. Clean your home
  3. Purge your wardrobe
  4. Make a list of clothes you need or would add value to your wardrobe
  5. Make a donation pile of house items
  6. Conduct a trash audit
  7. Do online workouts



  1. Plan a group event (for after this Rona!): like a clothes swap or Zerowaste 101 class
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Reach out to family and friends via text, phone call, or video call
  4. Unfollow social media accounts that don’t inspire, educate, or just overall add value to your life
  5. Build your online community by engaging with chat groups and comments instead of just liking post
  6. Learn a fun Tik Tok dance, share it with friends, & don’t forget to follow Fullbyles!

Civic Engagement

  1. Complete the U.S. 2020 Census
  2. Write a constructive letter to an elected official about sustainability policies
  3. Register to vote


  1. Make an at-home zerowaste kit
  2. Go through your junk mail
  3. Delete and respond to emails (and here’s why you should)
  4. Draw a picture
  5. Repair clothes and home items that need extra lovin’
  6. Learn lyrics to the song you claim you love but still don’t know the words to
  7. Sign up for composting/organic services


No one knows how long the corona virus will be a threat to our health and safety. COVID-19 could last for weeks or months. For many of us the the coronavirus is wrapped up in the unknown which is legit terrifying.

As much as I just want to reminisce in these photos from New Orleans right before cities started going on lock-down, I want to use this time intentionally.

What I do know is that this time we do have is valuable and we will never get it back, so let’s seize it!

Outfit: Thrifted White Blouse| Thrifted Old Navy Grey Flats: Salvation Army | Thrifted Mom Jeans: Goodwill | Black Sunglasses: Found them Somewhere!

How will you spend your time in doors while loving on the planet?

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