5 Easy Steps to a Budget & Eco-Friendly Wedding

I was like so many girls that used to fantasize about my wedding day. What I would wear, what the colors would be, the venue, and the list goes on. By the time I had been proposed to I had a robust Pinterest board of wedding ideas.

It’s been a year since I walked down the aisle to my partner for life for our white wedding. Thinking back to my reflective blog post about it is just wild. Things moved so fast for us the moment we got engaged on beautiful day in July 2017 to our traditional Ghanaian wedding in September 2017. I was starting school across country and we had to figure out what over lives would look like not necessarily for the years to come but the next few months at least.


I got engaged right at the start of my sustainability journey. Things were still so new and my then fiancé was just trying to figure out this new thing that I was interested in. But through the craziness of grad school, a big African family, and trying to apply for jobs I did manage to get a few things right for my white wedding. These 5 things below helped me have a more low waste and minimalistic wedding.


  1. Send e-vites: No one cares how they get invited, they just want to be invited. [This avoids creating paper invites that may or may not be recyclable]
  2. One location: Having the ceremony and the venue in the same place cut back on transportation cost and extra wedding coordination [This avoids driving cars which releases air pollution which threatens human health and the planet]
  3. Request only monetary gifts: This help us big since our wedding was in another state and flying back with gifts would have been a hassle. If people must get you gifts because there is always those people have them send it to your home. [This is the minimalist in me that doesn’t want more items in my house I don’t need]
  4. Borrow items: Gift box from friends, veil and picture frames from my best friend, accessories from loved ones, and those were just a few things I borrowed but I would have done more. Saved me money and time. [This helps you keep your personal possessions number low and maximizes items already made]


However, as time has passed I also have new insight on what I could have done better to let my wedding run more smoothly and match my values. So if I ever had another wedding I would try to incorporate these 3 things:

  1. Have bridesmaids do their own make up and their own hair
  2. Don’t rush setting a wedding date and picking a venue- but not wait forever either
  3. Get a secondhand wedding dress and shoes


Weddings are a magical time and an extremely stressful time. Pick what you want to care about and focus on that. You won’t be able to control everything.

I hope these few tips helped you get one step closer to your goal of a low waste or minimalistic wedding!

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