Top 15 Black Zerowaste Influencers

It was a priority growing up that I had opportunities to connect with Black Americans. To build a stronger connection I joined Black youth organizations, applied for scholarships for Black people, and ultimately joined a Black sorority in college. 

When I started my zero waste journey about two years ago, I couldn’t find them. I struggled. I looked high and low. Soon it was getting frustrating, confusing, and I knew impossible. Was Instagram really telling me that Blacks were not on this journey, not advocates for their planet, not community organizers for sustainable communities?

As I reflect on Black History Month this February, I thought about the few Black voices I have come across (particularly in Instagram) in over two years in this movement. How all I wanted in the beginning of my journey was to see more people that looked like me or had similar shared experiences as me in this movement. Examples of ways this lifestyle can be tailored for and seen through the Black experience particularly in the United States.

There are Black voices and faces in the sustainability movement that do care and are on this journey. Sharing about the few Blacks I have come across on the zerowaste/sustainability/environmentalist journey on this platform is exciting. It gives so many of you a starting place of a community that lacked at the start of my journey. Sharing some of my favorite Black Zerowaste Influencers/Communities with you who create community and creates a more accurate picture of who’s all involved in this movement.



3) Mikaelaloach

4) Simply.Savonne












This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are so many more Blacks in this movement killing it and doing big things! I would love to know of any Blacks in the movement that I didn’t list. Especially men, I only have one on my list and I KNOW there is more.

If you are looking to not only follow Black Zerowaste Influencers on Instagram but support the work that they do, you can start by checking out this list of 11 Black-Owned Secondhand Stores you can support today!

Diversity of voices in the sustainability movement is the only way we will be able to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Share the love! What are other Black people out there doing great zerowaste/ sustainability/environmental justice work?

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