What is your sustainable love language?

In my childhood home is where I learned my first things about love. In my home we were big on saying I love you. It didn’t matter if we were stepping out for just a moment, saw you earlier that day, called you only moments prior, we said it often. I am not sure when my parents set this tone but it was wonderful to constantly be reminded some one loves you.

……….Photos are from Downtown Napa, California……….

Love is a big, scary, complex, beast of an idea for most of us to wrap our brains around. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it got me thinking about all the layers to love. One layer is the intrigue of another person, there’s puppy dog love you just can’t get enough, to conflicts and fights and you have to chose that person to love, to when so many years have passed it seems as if the two have now become one.

Confusion often comes with love. It tends to show itself differently by different people. Miscommunication often leads to heart break because people don’t learn and understand how that individual is expressing their love and appreciation. It’s important to learn people’s love language and I am not talking about romance languages like Spanish, Italian and French.

So what is a love language you may ask?

Dr. Gary Chapman explains in his #1 New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages® how relationships grow better when we understand each other and how each person gives and receives love differently.

The sustainability movement is not as strong as it could be. One reason is because people don’t understand each other’s sustainable love language. Instead of trying to push your sustainable love language down someone’s throat try to learn theirs.

Towards the end of last year, I learned my sustainable love language. I had always known but it took multiple people telling me to help me truly own it!

My sustainable love language is FASHION.


my secondary sustainable love language is NATURE.

Fashion has always been my first love since I was a little girl and to this day you cannot keep me inside 4 walls for very long.

Curious to find out what your sustainable love language is? Look at the 6 different languages below:


(thrifting, clothes swap, style making, etc.)


(webinars, classes, workshops, etc.)


(agriculture, farming, plant-based foods, etc.)


(habits, physical movement, natural medicines, hygiene products, etc.)


(outdoors, planets, ocean, animals, etc.)


(research, facts, money, statistics, etc.)

Now that you know what your sustainable love language is you’re in a better position to communicate with others about the sustainability journey and climate change. Ultimately, have effective problem solving discussions, planning, and implementation.

Outfit: Thrifted White Blouse| Boots from Plato’s Closet for $25 | Black Blazer from my Sister’s Closet

What is your sustainable love language? Do you think you are two equally, none mentioned, or your own love language?