10 Reasons Why Men Love Zerowaste Women

Growing up my understanding of sustainable living was recycling water bottles, plastic bags, and cardboard. I never thought about how to live sustainably as a child, teenager, and a young adult for a while too. I didn’t have friends growing up that cared about the environment and openly talked about it. Little did I know caring about the environment would attract wonderful people in my life.


Ever wonder what in the world do men love or what they look for in a woman? Men are like the ultimate Rubix Cube. I know I have been there of trying to figure out what a man is thinking. Scratching my head trying to think of the world’s most complex questions.

Inspired by “10 Reasons Why Men Love Minimalist Women” I decided showcase the other side of my journey, zerowaste, or more specifically aspiring to be zerowaste in a sustainable way. I also wanted to keep the theme of couple photos of my husband and I. In honor of our recent two year anniversary, I used photos from our traditional Ghanaian ceremony as inspiration. Our pictures were taken by the incredible Lauren from LVphotography.me.  She continues to capture my life moments so exquisitely.

If you’ve read my last post you already know that men love a minimalist women but what you might not know is they love a sustainable women too! How you may ask? Well let me tell you!

1. Active woman

She’s more likely to be down for a walk or a bike riding to a destination

2. Secondhand car/ hybrid/ electric car

She’s smart and saving money on whatever sustainable car she has


3. Thrift stores

Who doesn’t love a woman that will find you what you need for crazy cheap prices

4. One primary cleaning product (baking soda, vinegar, and water)

She makes cleaning real simple, you only need one “Do it all” bottle


5. More likely to be comfortable with the nature

She’s down to learn more about nature, maybe take a hike, or swim

6. Low utility bill

People may waste your time but she won’t waste your energy or water


7. Handy woman 

What you didn’t know was that Bob, The Builder had a partner named Handy Heather

8. Short showers

There’s enough hot water to go around


9. She won’t eat your meat

She may still like meat but she’s not a carnivore

10. She’s more likely to be a cook

She is more likely to cook at home to avoid extra waste & plastic package which means no one is starving in this relationship


But on a serious note, men AND women do it for yourself. Pursing a more zerowaste lifestyle in a sustainable manner has a way of allowing you to focus on what’s important. Creating a safe and healthy environment for yourself and the planet you’re living in makes a world of a difference.

768A8735This path has an infectious way of making you love on yourself, the environment, and the community in a deeper way.

How are you going to be more zerowaste in a sustainable way?

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