12 Things to Do When You Move to a New City

I’ve lived in the same city throughout my childhood. I knew the ends and outs of my city in Florida and you couldn’t tell me nothing. There are even people I graduated high school with that I have known since first grade. As you can imagine I was one of many college students ready to leave my hometown and spread my wings when I left to South Florida for college.

My recent move from Minnesota to Florida was a world-wind to say the least. While living in Minnesota so much happened in two years (graduate school and getting married) but now my husband and I are in our next adventure in the sunshine state of Florida.

As many of you know, moving can be a ridiculously stressful time where sticking to your sustainability values can quickly fall to the wayside trying to balance everything else that’s happening. I’ll admit it happened to me often. Moving to a new place can be exciting and daunting all at the same dang time. With that being said, here are 12 useful tips I have put together that helped me adjust to a new city while sticking to my sustainability values.

Pic 11

1. Get a library card

Access to hundreds of resources for $FREE.99

2. Register to vote

Support candidates and policies that prioritize the environment

3. Connect with your school alumni

These organizations touch diverse people that have their own contacts

4. Find the thrift stores

These stores are gold mines for cheap & unique items 

5. Discover local farmers markets

Great place to get fresh food while supporting your local economy

6. Network with your sorority/fraternity

A community of people that you already have a connection with

7. Find nearby flea markets

Time to channel your inner hustler and watch your sustainability values save you money honey

Pic 2

7. Determine recycling options around you

Know your facts so you can do right.

8. Learn your organic recycling options near you

Not every apartment has recycling so know what you’re signing up for in a lease 

9. Join online communities in your city

Utilize social media platforms to meet people in REAL LIFE

10. Look up local government sustainability priorities

Learn how your local government addresses climate change so you can provide support

11. Volunteer with sustainability focused organizations

Another way to make REAL LIFE connections

12. Attend local events (Eventbrite, Facebook events, etc.)

A way to learn new areas of a city, experience something new, and learn something new

Pic 12

However you see this list as tips or a checklist it can be helpful to anyone moving to a new city. My hope is that these suggestions provide you opportunities to connect with your new city while sticking to your sustainability values.

Would love to hear any helpful tips you have for moving to a new city?

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