Betting on Yourself > Fear

In elementary school, I auditioned for a role in the school’s Christmas play. After auditions I got a choir role but I wanted a bigger role with actual lines. So I told my music teacher if a spot opened up- I wanted it. Not sure what happened but a spot opened up as a reindeer, I took it, practiced hard, and killed it. So much that your girl was in the local newspaper and everything!

Pic 1

I learned as a child to bet on myself more and more. Every time I applied to a scholarship, program, or school – I was betting on me. I am constantly striving to believe in myself 100% and shoot even if it’s at 60%, still going for it. I often remind myself I can’t expect anyone else to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself. In this season of my life ( graduating graduate school and moving back to Florida) applying to jobs has reminded me more than ever to choose me. It’s so easy, that it’s scary, to start thinking of yourself as less than.

You get denied from jobs you know you can do. It doesn’t help when 90% of companies don’t even give you the decency to say “they went with another applicant.” These companies just leave you hanging with the ultimate blue balls. The whole process just really gives your confidence a good beaten to.

pic 8

As someone who has now been pursuing this minimalist and zerowaste lifestyle for  about two years, I never forget my individual power. The individual power I have with “what I buy and with what I say”. They go beyond me and my circle of friends. Some would argue I have the power to bring a company to ashes or help them soar like a Phoenix- with a collected will by others, of course 😉

This journey of finding my first full-time position has truly shaped me up. It has helped me see, I am more afraid than I want to admit about a lot of things going on in life right now.








I am working on it, this thing called adulting, not overwhelming me. Because baabbyy I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions from anticipation, nervousness, anger, frustration, and confusion while I was job searching. But thankfully I am on the other side and my current feelings are relief and excitement. I am officially working with a national nonprofit in their development department. I am blessed to work with an organization that is mission driven and focused on uplifting youth in communities.

Pic 9

I am truly grateful to pass through this long, long, very long journey. I am elated to start work in September and start a new chapter!

Photo Credit: Esi Yamoah

Who is excited about starting a new chapter ? 

4 thoughts on “Betting on Yourself > Fear

  1. Dear Akua,
    I’m happy to know you’ve got a job not too long after graduating from uni. Ayeeeko! As they say in GH.
    I wish you a pleasant and fruitful experience.
    Warm regards,

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