5 Things to try this Summer

One of the coolest summers I ever had was because I tried something new. Summer 2014 I went to Costa Rica for a study abroad with my university. I practiced my Spanish, made friendships, and tried new things like riding a horse, swimming in hot springs, and milking a cow. That summer was the summer I blossomed.

Something about summer time just brings out ones adventurous side. People feel an overflow of confidence and an excitement that anything can happen. I absolutely feel this way this summer as I hustle to land my first “big girl” job and invest more into my sustainable and minimalist journey.IMG_8141I invite you all to ride the wave of confidence to try new things! There’s no better way than trying new things in the zerowaste and minimalism journey. The sun is literally kissing your face and welcoming you. So here are 5 things you should try this summer!

1. Clothes Swap Events: these events are easily the #1 game changer for me this year. Shoppers and lovers of fashion striving to somehow embrace minimalism have hope! A awesome FREE way to get “new” clothes, save money, and not contribute to textile waste.

2. Volunteer for an organization: what better way to use your time than to give back to your community. It’s a chance to connect with others with similar values and it could even lead to life long friends or a new job.IMG_81353. Organic Recycling: as long as we’re eating we need to recycle. This is not just a way to avoid feeling bad for wasting food but to act and put leftovers and scraps in recycling. Blog post coming soon about my experience with organic recycling.

4. Beach Clean Up: these are so popular this time of year. I’ve never participated in one but on the look out to be a part of one. I simply love the idea and it’s impact. Our beaches deserve to be a clean welcoming space.IMG_81774. State Parks: depending on where you live there could be one or a dozen state parks. Whatever the case is, it’s a great way to exercise, learn, and connect with nature. Maybe if you see the beauty of the Earth you’d want to protect it more. Just a thought…

5. Second-hand book: reading a book has a way of transporting you into a new world even if you cannot physically leave. If big travels aren’t in your plans this summer consider a great book to transport you away.IMG_8200I look forward to seeing what this season of life brings. I’m itching to try new experiences that make me a more well-rounded and joyful person. I’m already doing a few things like visiting state parks and reading second-hand books but I’m looking to do more.IMG_8196I’m most intrigued to see who I meet and connect with doing these experiences. Do I meet a friend for life, business partner, or the next President of the United States?IMG_8212The anticipation of who I can meet and the opportunity to grow as a person is exhilarating. A chance to understand yourself more and protect the environment are what make these experience worth while.

Photo Credit: Sarah Carroll

Outfit: Thrifted skirt for $1 at Goodwill

What new experience are you doing this summer?

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