9 Reasons to Visit Tare Market

I grew up grocery shopping with my Mama and sisters at big stores like Walmart and Costco. We always spent hours in the store and usually got way more than we needed. It was a very mundane thing of life but I enjoyed it a lot- at least everything besides unloading the car. 

Supporting small businesses is a habit I want to develop more. Growing up with a small business owner as a Mama, I learned very quickly the power of the word of mouth. It has the power to keep businesses open for years. With that in mind, I want to use this platform to share information about quality businesses and resources.

As I reflect on my time here in Minnesota, I think about how much I love and hate this state. The outdoors here is on another level of amazing while the winter months make you wonder about the mental state of anyone who lives in the Minnesota. Nonetheless, I thought I would focus on the parts I love and share it with you all.

Today, I am happy to share my experience of visiting the 1st zerowaste store in Minnesota! Tare Market has been an online store for about a year but just this spring opened a location in South Minneapolis.

2717 E 38th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Here’s 9 reasons why you must visit Tare Market.

1. Close to public transit

The store is less than 10 mins away from the bus and blue light rail system plus it’s bike accessible

2. A local women-owned business

The founders are two WOMEN named Kate Marnach  and Amber Haukedahl from South Minneapolis who are truly living out the idea of giving back to your community


3. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about absolutely every corner of the store

4. Well-organized store

The products are organized well, which was nice for it not feeling cluttered and prices were easy to find for each product

5. Wide variety of products

Almost anything you can imagine is there. Bulk food like pasta and grains, seasoning, bath, hair, home products, and more

6. Beginner zerowaste finds available

Great selection of finds for people starting the zerowaste journey with products like utensil kits, straws, containers, and bags

7. Rent Option

There are Tare Market mason jars above the bulk food section that can be rented out if you forget a container

8. Zerowaste make-up 

My personal favorite section of the entire store was the makeup. I’ve always wanted to test out zerowaste make up like Elate but was never able to. This was the perfect chance for people like me to do just that!

8. Addresses Community Issues

The store is located in a part of Minneapolis that is considered a food desert. Tare Market is a part of an effort to address this issue by providing healthy diverse food options for the community.


 I hope that I encouraged you to support local business and to share the news with everyone you know.

Even if you can’t stop by the store, you can also support the business in different ways. I supported a local business by buying sun block, a produce bag, and writing this post. However you can support by sharing this post, following them on social media platforms, purchasing products, or by using the word of mouth with your people, community, tribe, you name it.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of communities and backbone of local economies.

The Tare Market Website Link

What’s a local businesses you supported recently?



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