Professional Wardrobe 2.0

The first job I ever had was working for my Mama at her hair salon. It was the summer after 7th grade and my older sister Esi was leaving for a study aboard which meant I had to step up at the shop. A summer would turn into 8 years later of helping my Mama. It’s where I built my strong work ethic and learned how good it felt to have your own money.As many of you know, I am currently pursing my Master in Public Policy and Certificate of Nonprofit Management at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in Minneapolis, MN. Two years have flow by and I am now a graduating this Saturday! I’m closing a huge chapter in my life. 

Everything I have been learning in school has been to shape me into a leader for my community wherever I may go. Being a leader is a calling that I don’t take lightly so finding my next step or a job after graduation was quite difficult.As much as I have surprisingly grown to love Minnesota, I wanted to move back to the South, ideally Florida. Once I knew that was my goal I started applying for jobs in October with the goal of being able to walk across the stage with a job in hand.  I applied for jobs in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors trying to cast my net wide. I wanted to feel like a real “G”. But that confidence started dwindling down and being replaced with self-doubt as I applied to over 50 jobs and only received 2 interviews come early April. I started to wonder:

Am I applying for the right jobs?

How did I not get that job, I was definitely qualified?

Wow not even an interview?

I was living out a challenging time in my life. This phase of my life where I am applying to my first professional job that will take me to a new level of adulting that I had never experienced before. As the days went by in April, I applied for jobs regularly and I would pray over every single one. I tried to not stress about getting a job. What helped me was knowing that God got my back and he has never let me down. So over the months, a search engine for jobs, became my best friend. We hung out most nights and it saw some vulnerable sides of me. I became addicted to checking my email hoping to hear back from a job. Getting rejected from jobs was like getting paper cuts, little but painful things. In order to get through this challenging time, I started changing my focus. I wanted to start getting ready for the life I wanted. That began with dressing the part. Taking it one step further from Budgeted & Thrifted Professional Attire , I got some amazing professional pieces from Goodwill this past winter. . All my blouses were no more than $8. Plus I got my first vintage piece from Rewind in East Minneapolis which is an amazing pink color belt perfect for spring. Then I paired my newly thrifted items with clothing I already had in my closet like these staple black fitted pants, my black blazer, and my dark green Michael Kors bag. img_5549

I may not have landed my first “big girl” job yet and have my bags packed to move down to Florida yesterday but I’m trusting the process. I’ve already got my professional clothes ready to go! I know God is using this time to make me stronger and stronger I shall be after all is done.

What’s the best job you have ever had and why?

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