Experiences Over Things: Bachelorette Cruise

My first time going on a cruise was filled with surprises from the beginning. My parents decided to surprise me by allowing my childhood best friend to come on our family trip that I thought was just to Orlando. Then they surprised my sisters and I again when we arrived at the port and we realized we were going on a cruise. Easily one of my favorite vacations with family.

My bachelorette cruise was an experience I’ll never forget. It took a lot planning from my bridesmaids and deciding what to do or if even to do anything at all. You see my story is a little different.


The beginning is relatively simple, I met the love of my life Kojo my senior year at USF and he proposed the following year. We had our traditional Ghanaian wedding on September 30th 2017. Where it was a moment of connecting with our culture, family, and friends. One of my favorite moments was getting to wear traditional authentic Kente cloth which made me truly feel like a Ghanaian Queen.

Our next journey was moving up to Minnesota where I’m pursuing my masters degree. We became legal husband and wife the end of 2017. Now we plan to have our white wedding (I’m wearing a white dress) on March 16th in the state we love. You could say Kojo and I have a lot of special dates to represent our marriage.

So off my bridesmaids sent me on a bachelorette cruise to Cozumel Mexico! This trip was filled with moments for the books and I was excited for a girls trip. But even with all the craziness I didn’t forget about incorporating sustainable practices on this trip.

img_4467My thoughts on how to be sustainable started even before I got on this trip. My clothes were a mixture of thrifted pieces, clothes for clothes swaps, clothes I haven’t worn in a while, and from friends. It really helped me taking my own advice from 4 Tips on How to Shop Your Closet . Once we all got to Tampa and boarded the cruise ship the reality was hitting me. This is my bachelorette cruise! What also hit me was the many ways Royal Caribbean valued sustainability. I was happy to see recycling bins throughout the cruise ship. I was even more pleased to see only paper straws available for guest. This made me feel even better as I drank my grown woman drink.




The adventures were nonstop. I won’t give all the details away because what fun is that but let’s just say there were pool days, rock climbing, shows, and mini golf on the ship. Once we arrived in Cozumel we just didn’t know how to act. ATV rides and an exclusive beach experience made me have a permanent smile on my face.



This trip was memorable not only for all the fun but for the unexpected. Our cruise got delayed for over 8 hours due to extreme fog from being able to dock in Tampa. Some flights were missed, attitudes were interesting, and I had an interview in the mist of it all BUT we made it!



No one can take this experience from me. Thank you ladies for a bachelorette cruise of a lifetime. Love you ladies.

When’s the last time you went on a trip with just your friends?

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