The Gifts Within for Valentine’s Day

I didn’t always feel love on Valentine’s Day. The main reason for that was because I thought I needed a boyfriend to celebrate the holiday. Thankfully, I now know better. Some of my fondest Valentine’s Day memories were getting a Tinkerbell card from my best friend and going to see a Nicholas Sparks’ movie with my college freshmen friends for a Galentine’s Day (Girls Valentine’s Day).

In honor of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14th I wanted to share some new ways you can share love this holiday. This holiday, like many others, can evoke stress, anxiety, and frustration for people. The expectations of the holiday is so high especially for men to come through and show out. Through years of underwhelming Valentine’s Day I now focus on meaningful ways I can express my love to others. Inspired by my struggle, this post is about meaningful ways you can share love in a minimalist and zerowaste journey.

Share your clothes

Clothes can hold a lot of memories and make you feel connected to loved ones. They also have a way of cluttering a home. If you have clothes you no longer wear or like consider giving it away. Your clothes can bring a lot of joy to a family member, friend, or organization. Now your clothes can serve a new purpose and now you have more space in your home.

Donate your plasma/blood

This season instead of giving your heart give your plasma or blood! Did you know 1 in 3 of us will need a blood transfusion according to OneBlood? Did you also know according to CSL Plasma, that plasma is an essential ingredient used in products to fight life threatening diseases? Plus a nice perk is that many donation centers give gifts like shirts, movie tickets, and sometimes even pay donors. However, the best part about this gift is that you already have the gift inside you.

Give your time

The most valuable gift we have is our time. Many of us want more of it. We want to experience the wonders of life on this Earth. This sometimes means we hold on tight to our time. Then there are other people that are the opposite and are just lazy about their time. Nonetheless it’s a highly valuable gift if you chose to give it to someone.

This February donate your time. Gift your time to your community, tribe, village, you name it. Volunteer at a local organization your passionate about. Offer to babysit so loved ones can go on a Valentine’s Day date without having to pay for a babysitter.

Valentine’s Day can be more than just chocolates, roses, and jewelry. Don’t get trapped in the consumerism high of Valentine’s Day. Instead make this special day about sharing love and experiences.

Photo Credits: Akemi Mechtel


Happy Valentine’s Day! XO

How do you like to show your love to others? 

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