5 Simple(r) Changes Series: Bathroom

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say they are going to the “bathroom” when they actually mean they are going to the restroom. There are no showers or “bath”tubs in a restaurant, office building, or sport stadium. The only place you really ever go to a bathroom is in your home. Unfortunately, we people do a lot of things because we see or hear other people do it- even when it may not be right.

I hope to change that today in a small but big way.

Today is the start of a new series called 5 Simple(r) Changes Series. I know so many people ignore the zerowaste and sustainable movement because it seems like it’s too much to take on. I do want to acknowledge that not everyone has the ability to make sustainable choices, hence simpl”er” changes. This series is for the rest of us that are able to. It’s about shedding light on just how doable it can be to make simple changes that have a huge positive environmental impact.

Most of the simple changes will be under $10 or can be found in your home. The series will be over the course of 5 months for 5 simple(r) changes. The series will vary in different topics from the kitchen, traveling, and shopping. None of these products are sponsored and all opinions are my own. Now let the simple changes begin!

1. Change to silk floss


Price $8


If everyone in the U.S. flosses their teeth according to ADA recommendations every year our empty containers alone will fill a landfill the size of a football field that’s 6 stories high.

2. Change to a bamboo brush


Price $5


Upwards of 2 billion toothbrushes ended up in oceans and landfill every day. 

3. Change to natural toothpaste


Price $10


My favorite thing about this product is that it is made in America and 98% of its ingredients are from the U.S.

4. Change to bar soap


Price Under $8 (for a pack of 6)

The nice thing about bar soap is that you can get it in basic retail and grocery stores plus there are a variety of companies that make bar soap giving people options.

5. Change to thrifted items


Price $2.50

Ya’ll know I have a love affair with thrift stores and one of the reasons I love thrift stores is because I can get unique items for cheap like this toothbrush holder.

I would recommend starting with an item you care the least about changing out. For some of you it’s your floss and for others its your toothpaste, the important thing is that you start. Starting with your least favorite thing should help with the transition and getting used to something new.

My hope is that these simple(r) changes show you just how easy and affordable it can be to make less waste in your bathroom and daily routine.

What’s going to be your first simple change in your bathroom?

Mine was my tooth brush!

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