10 Reasons Why Men Love Minimalist Women

IMG_4664-2Men. They are funny things. They make sports so much more exciting to watch. They sit with their legs open way too wide. They can grill the heck out of meat (at least my man does). They tend to be more aggressive than my liking BUT I can’t live without them.

My Grandpa has shown me you can build yourself up from nothing. My Dad has shown me the importance of education and humor. My husband has shown me the value in loving yourself.


In honor of my husband’s birthday this October, I came up with 10 reasons why men love minimalist women. This is for all the men out there but of course to the ladies too.


1. Less things in the bathroom

No make up, hair tools and things you don’t understand.

2. No decor pillows

The only pillows you have on your bed are for your head and drool of course.

3. More closet space

Less extra clothes from fast fashion means more space for your clothes.

4. No heavy behind purse to carry

No longer will she be carrying a big tote bag with everything she will need for work, a weekend trip, and pilates which means no bicep curls on your date night walk.

5. No unwanted wedding gifts

No longer will you be a victim of random and unwanted gifts or duplicate gifts, instead your woman will likely just ask for monetary gifts. It takes up less space, cuts time on returning a gift, and allows you both to get the gift you both really want- mula!


6. She will get dressed fast

Less clothes means no 2 hour wait for her to sift through all her clothes and find the “right” outfit.

7. No overpacking for trips

No longer will you have to sit in wonder on how your woman has three bags for a weekend getaway or slowly simmer at the fact you’ll be carrying it in a few hours. You’re welcome.

8. Less stuff in the home

No random things she bought from TJMaxx or Target on her way home from work.

9. Space for your car

The garage is no longer a storage company but a beautiful space for you to park your baby a.k.a. car.

10. Your woman is all about experiences

She would like things but would love an experience. Memories that would last her a lifetime.

Men now you know the women for you. If she’s not a Minimalist don’t bring her home to Mama.

Not too call out the ladies but you know some of these things are true. You know they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach being a minimalist. So long story short, to the ladies who read this, become a Minimalist. Men LOVE it!


But on a serious note, men AND women do it for yourself. Going on this journey allows you to focus on what’s important, be more intentional with life, and break bad habits you didn’t even know (or knew!) you had. This path has a magical way of opening up your life and filling it with the things you truly want, so you genuinely can say you’re living your best life.


Photo Credits: Sarah Carroll 

What’s something new you’ve done on this journey of minimalism that’s actually brought you closer to people?

P.S. Happy Birthday Kojo, my love.

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