Experiences Over Things: Stillwater, MN Style

One Saturday after a long day of working my mom decided we would just come home, pack an overnight bag and go to the beach. I was excited because nothing sounded better than to get out of Tallahassee and embrace the beach. My poor Dad was so confused and slow he was almost left behind. My family and I went to the beach that night and rejoiced to have our feet in the water. To be at the beach at night was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. It was easily one of the best beach trips ever!

Spontaneous adventures are the best kind of adventures. I have always wanted to just hit the road and see where I would end up like in the movies. That wonder always intrigued me. In the last moments of summer we caught a perfect September day and did just that.

To my surprise the idea came from my husband. I’ll repeat the idea came from my husband. Trust me it was a shock for me too. But trust me I rode that rollercoaster with no hesitation!

He brought up the idea and the next thing I know we are driving to an apple farm in Stillwater. We had no idea what to expect but we’re open to the experience. After a 25mins drive from Saint Paul, MN we had finally arrived at Aamodt’s Apple Farm.


We quickly noticed there was a field of vineyards in addition to the apple trees. Parking was free and easy. The place was a collection of barn type buildings clumped together with a courtyard like space for playing corn hole, tasting wine, buying kettle corn, and sitting at the table to enjoy the music. There was also a store that sold an array of apple inspired foods.

It took some going back and forth like 4 times (literally) but we eventually found the white tent to buy our apple bag for picking. Unfortunately the bag was plastic but it did promote recycling on the bag and had strings attached so I will 100% be reusing the bag.

We were definitely out of our element at first but soon enough we had a groove. I loved the process of walking around, seeing if I had the eye for good, juicy, sweet apples. Conclusion: I had a much better eye than my husband that picked an apple with a black molding spot that took up half the apple. Within a few moments our bag was full and we had soaked up enough vitamin D for the year.

We continued our high by going to downtown Stillwater right by the St. Croix River. We took in the sites, quaint stores, and vibe of the city. Then we ended our time at No Neck Tony’s for some cool drinks.

There’s nothing like letting go and being on an adventure with your husband. I continue to enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer.

Lastly, I created a short video to capture the essence of our time at the apple farm. Enjoy!

Have you ever done a spontaneous trip? If so where?

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