Birthday + Zerowaste

Birthdays are an exciting time for me. It’s a chance to show my appreciation and love for others. More importantly it’s a time to celebrate life. My birthdays over the years have included family, friends, road trips, beach trips, cake, sleepovers, way too much candy, and even a blow up water slide. However, no birthday has ever looked the same and turning 25 years old was no different.

This September 8th I turned 25 years old. I am officially a quarter of a century! It’s weird to think of myself in my mid-twenties but more humbling to think of all the blessings I’ve had in my life. That’s why the month of September is a month of celebration. I jump started this month of celebrating life with a Cheers to Fullbyles post, highlighting accomplishments, future endeavors, and gratitude for people who have joined this journey with me.

Despite it being a jubilations kind of month for me, leading up to my birthday I was in an uncertain odd head space. I was transitioning from a summer internship to my last year of graduate school and somehow trying to plan for my birthday. I was truly all over the place but the day before my birthday, I had a good talk with my mom and I finally realized it will all work out- and work out it did!


This birthday was like no other. Not only because I got a surprise of a life time from my best friends but I incorporated zerowaste habits where ever I could into my birthday celebrations.

  • My best friends from my hometown of Tallahassee flew up and surprised me in Minneapolis! Not even three hours here and I took them thrifting for birthday weekend clothes.

  • It was one of my best friends first time thrifting!


  • I thrifted my birthday dress to wear for a turnt night in Minneapolis.


  • One of my best friends found some trendy track suit pants perfect for a day out and about.

  • My friends and I did a lot of walking and rode electrical scooters around downtown Saint Paul, MN.

My birthday weekend went by way too fast but it was just what I needed to get my head space right and my spirits up!

I look forward to future birthdays that are even more turnt than the last, more lovefilled than the last, and with more zerowaste practices than the last.


Do you think about zerowaste or sustainable practices when celebrating your birthday, if so what have you done or thinking of doing ?

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