Fufillment at the Farmers Market

My family had a tradition, every Sunday or at least most, we would go to the Flea Market. It’s not the same thing as a Farmers Market but it’s close. The Flea Market was the best place for my Mama to get deals on vegetables to make Ghanaian food for the house. I always thought it was funny though because we would go to this outdoor market dressed up from a morning at church. But it didn’t stop my Mama on a mission and her hustle for great deals.

It felt like deja vu being at the Farmers Market this past Saturday. Like my Mama, I went to different tables to hustle for the best prices, I had cash on deck like a _______ (you fill the blank). Plus having friends around reminded me of having my whole family around which was the cherry on top.

My friends and I went to the downtown Farmers Market in the Mill City neighborhood. Some of us arrived on bikes and others in cars to be in this space of community on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Some things I killed it. Your girl remembered to bring my reusable bags to the market. On the other hand, your girl had a fail when I didn’t move fast enough and ended up getting my hot peppers in a plastic bag. Overall, I enjoyed the experience that end in me getting colorful foods and flowers all for $25. Some highlights were:

• It was an opportunity to connect with community

• One of my lilly flowers blossomed over night

• I later saw at Walmart a bell pepper for $1.68, I got mine for $1

• Even though I didn’t get it at the market, I got my bananas for 95 cents from the Trader Joe’s from across the street.

I’m a happy woman that got fulfillment from being in community and supporting local business. Through this experience I added colorful foods to my diet, got good deals, and add fresh flowers to my home.

Third Photo Credit: Sarah Carroll 

Anyone else go to the Farmers Market? If so what’s your favorite part?

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