Experiences over Things: Twin Cities Style

I have always been an adventurous soul. I’m curious to learn, see, and know about the world around me. This world is too beautiful and vast not to explore. As a kid, I went out of my house often to do what people consider tourist attractions because often I would have an Aunty, Uncle, or cousin coming to visit that had never seen my world before. My craving is more than usual living in Minnesota knowing I’m going to be indoors for months when the winter comes. As I’ve gotten older the need to see and experience something new is a thing I crave often.

Having new experiences with my best friend and husband is no different. He’s a home body by nature but sometimes he gets bitten by the same bug that frequently gets me and he craves to get out and explore too!

So this summer my goal is to explore my new home state of Minnesota. Below are a few new places and adventures I had this summer with loved ones.

Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, Minneapolis MN

I’ve had the pleasure of going to the Sculpture Gardens multiple times this summer. I have been with my husband, friend, and family. Both visits the weather was beautifully perfect. There were blue skies and a nice breezy that always seem to come at the right time. The outdoors were nicely maintained with no trash in site and they were trash and recycling bins dispersed around that I greatly appreciated. There were also water fountains which curbed the urge to bring or buy drinks in plastic containers. All we had to pay for was a flat rate of $4 to park and the rest was free!

Como Lake, Saint Paul MN
This was an impromptu trip that turned out to be my favorite adventure in July. My husband and I got to the park and instantly noticed how well maintained the area was and that it was free to enjoy. A small happy dance went on inside me.

We walked around the whole lake which was 1.6 miles, enough to say you got in those steps. The neatest part for me was exploring the Pavilion on the lake that had different plays and shows throughout the summer. However, my eyes were first captured by the mini waterfall in front of the building. It was such an unexpected surprise. The night ended with us holding hands and watching the sunset hit the water in the most incredible way. I tried my best to capture the moment but nothing can really do it justice.

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Saint Paul MN

Such a unique treat and taste of Mother Nature. The conservatory is in a gorgeous glass dome structure that had a wide variety of plants from all over creating a beautiful sight for the eyes and a great educational experience for all ages. My favorite part is what some would call the main attraction which is a garden so stunning it’s where many have their wedding ceremony.

In the back you have access to a zoo full of a diverse array of animals including gorillas, Polar bears, zebras, giraffes, snakes, and the list goes on and on. It’s a surprising place that keeps going and going. All this is for free with the encouragement of donations.

Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis MN

This park is truly a jewel in the center of Minneapolis. The park has a waterfall that flows all the way down the river that has a nature trail parallel to it, to get you into the heart of nature. The park has a large amount of space for walking, jogging, biking, you name it. There’s even a seafood restaurant for people that get mad hungry after hours of being in the outdoors. I love to go to this park every once in a while since waterfalls are my favorite landscapes to see and experience.

This summer has been a chance for me to catch a glimpse of all Minnesota has to offer. As I have grown in my minimalism journey, I have been incorporating more experiences instead of things into my life. I find experiences bring me an equal or greater joy than things do. One of the elements of minimalism, is about seeking meaningful life experiences instead of meaningless items. So far it has been a joy to explore this side of minimalism more and to continue to enrich my memory with vast adventures and experiences.

Have you taken the time to explore the State, Provence, or Territory you live in this summer? If so where?

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