Shopping Fast Part 2

Woohoo! I made it y’all. I knew I would but it’s still such a confidence booster to see yourself see a goal through.

Some of my fondest memories with my Mama and best friends were time spent shopping. But really most times they were spent window shopping a.k.a. just looking at all the things you want to buy without actually buying them. I would help my mom see the beauty in clothes she wouldn’t have other wise picked for herself. Plus what group of friends didn’t try on way too many clothes and especially gowns when prom season came around?

Now fast forward a few months later and I look at shopping and clothes completely differently now.  It’s all due to me completing my 6 months shopping fast. I took this challenge upon myself in an effort to grow in understanding who I am and I believe I did. My thoughts about the journey in the first three months are here, A Shopping Fast. However, to wrap up this experience I wanted share a few lessons this unique journey showed me by the end of the 6 months:

  • It’s hard to cleanse clothes and not be able to replenish it
  • I realized I didn’t like my clothes as much as I thought
  • It’s good to challenge yourself every once in a while
  • I can’t do a capsule wardrobe neither do I want to
  • Little options can inspire creativity with what you have
  • I enjoy shopping and that’s okay
  • Think before you buy

This was a beautiful spontaneous decision that at times left me frustrated beyond belief and relieved to let things go. I’m glad I did it though. I highly recommend this shopping fast if you’re looking to change your perspective on shopping, clothes, wants, and needs. Or you just need to save money for that wonderful vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Step out of your comfort zone. See what happenes when you intentionally challenge yourself for the better.

Have you ever made a spontaneous decision to challenge yourself? If so how did it go?

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