Ultimate Zerowaste Glasses

Who was the definition of nerd with glasses and braces in middle school? Me.

Who never wants to wear glasses again? Me. Me. Me.

I started wearing glasses in 6th grade and had probably been struggle to see way before then. It was a completely revelation and awakening the day I got my first pair of glasses. Your girl could finally see!

My eyes were absolutely glued to all windows the first week. I wanted to see as much as I possibly could. I’ll never forget my first day going to school with my glasses. I was riding the school bus and stared outside the window the whole ride to school. It was the first time I saw all the little leaves on the tree. It was the first time I realized that’s what a tree is supposed to look like. Not a blob of green.

IMG_0023The next days, months, and years were great. But like every human I wanted more. Once I was older and living in Minnesota an opportunity presented itself.

Lasik Eye Surgery or how I like to call it the Ultimate Zerowaste Glasses.


This procedure is serious and was treated as such. I thought about the surgery for a few years. I talked with different people about their experience during the surgery and with recovery. It was insightful to get personal experience but I continued to do my research visiting doctors, deciding what doctor would do my procedure, waiting for the procedure to have advance equipment, and work out negative side effects of the surgery.

Then April came around and my life changed. I did it! I got Lasik eye surgery.

Thankfully my surgery went smoothly and my eyes healed beautifully. However, I was definitely worked up the weeks leading up to the surgery but I knew it was what I wanted and it was worth the rewarded.  It was the first time I invested in myself at this magnitude with my own money. A personal milestone.

These ultimate zerowaste glasses incorporates all elements of this journey. Zerowaste because I will no longer make trash with my boxes of contacts, contact lense cases, and contact solution. All things that come in plastic packaging. Minimalist because I don’t have to manage all the things that come with needing eye care. I get to cut back on the items I need in my life to see. Unfortunately, having the surgery in the beginning causes some waste with the individual eye drops I have to use multiple times a day for eight weeks for recovery but that’s done now. I’m zerowaste baby. Now I just wake up free!


IMG_0029I know it’s not for everyone. A surgery like this could be scary. But I’ve learned in my life no risk no reward. This is the first time I have invested a couple thousand dollars of my own personal money to better just myself. I’ll never regret that. I’ve found a new form of freedom through this experience.

Goodbye dependence. Hello freedom. Cheers to seeing a whole new world.

When’s the last time you spent a crazy amount of money investing in yourself?

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