Akua, The Explorer: May Trips

Flying in a plane is nothing like anything I’ve experienced before. Even the idea that a massive machine that weights hundreds of pounds can fly into the air, never seizes to amaze me. It reminds me of the incredible capabilities of humans to imagine and create. A reminder how ones access to the world or the other side of a country has expanded tremendously.

Blessed at a young age, I’ve flown many planes to visit family and travel the world. Ghana being my favorite because it means family and connecting with my roots in every way. Costa Rica because it’s in that country that I blossomed. Traveling, it’s like a drug. I can’t get enough. 

This May I got to become an explorer like Dora the Explorer. The best part was I got to do it with my best friend and husband, Kojo. Both trips included little planning, road trips, good food, and lots of failed attempts.



What better way to start a new month than to tap into your inner explorer than to go somewhere new. So when my husband came to me about the idea of going to Illinois to visit friends in Chicago and visit his Almater in Galesburg, I was absolutely down.  I had never visited either city so it seemed like a win win and a good break from grad school.

The highlights of our weekend trip: Chicago is like any other city I’ve ever seen before with three different levels, incredibly blue water by the Navy Pier, and amazing food options to eat for days. My trip was too quick and I hope to be back more to tap into my inner explorer and visit more friends.


Minimalism/Zerowaste Efforts: There were a few things we did on our trip to lessen our impact to Mama Earth. For instance, we packed for the weekend in one weekend suitcase so we didn’t have to deal with much. We brought our own snacks to avoid plastic covered snacks and save money. We ate every last bit of our meals going out. No crumbs left behind! We did a lot of walking cutting back on our carbon footprint and getting in those steps.



What better way to end the month than to explore another state. Our feet’s were called to Boston area for a friend’s wedding. I was down to get swooped away by the wedding season filled with love in the air plus the valuable time to see my big sis for the first time in months. Plus a trip to rewarded myself for a job well done in my first year of grad school sounded perfect.

The highlights of our weekend trip: Boston didn’t really excite me like walking into a candy store but it was different. The best part is I got to spend the day with my big sister discovering Harvard University, the Boston Public Library, and ending the day with my new top favorite ice cream from Almarno. The trip ended with a wedding with so much love and celebration I wouldn’t have ended our trip in another way.


Minimalism/Zerowaste Efforts: This trip was a little different since we flew but I still tried to incorporate what I could. I made sure to bring my reusable water bottle, get my ice cream in a waffle cone instead of cup, and walk whenever I could and used public transit.


May was a beautiful month filled of travels. I got to see family, friends, new cities, and try new foods. Exploration captured this month and I can’t wait for what’s in-stored for June.

Who’s itching to have a month of exploration?

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