Trust Me, You Won’t Need It

Rocking climbing. In a lot of ways it resembles the letting go and decluttering of my minimalist journey. The start of the climb isn’t that tough because you’re just getting started and have energy so taking the first couple climbs isn’t bad. That’s the getting rid of old things, clothes you know you don’t like anymore, even just cleaning the house sometimes. But then you’re at the middle of the wall, getting tired, and the climb becomes more of a struggle as you try to reason with yourself with the notorious “I might need this one day.” “What if something comes up and I need (insert whatever item)?”

But the honest truth is that day never really comes.


Growing up, I loved collecting things. I collected stickers, notebooks, trinkets, journals, ticket stubs. Whatever my adolescent self thought was cool. I still have my scrapbooks from elementary school all the way to high school. It was always something with me. It really comes from my love to reminisce the past. I love reflecting back on old things, good memories, and my past self.

What I have realized with this journey of minimalism, on having less but more quality things in my life, is that 9/10 times I never needed those things again. Most times I don’t even remember having it or I’m fine. Getting rid of things feels so good people. Really it does. I know I’m getting closer and closer to my desired goal and sense of peace with every step. I still keep some things but not like I used too. Actually making this big move across country to Minnesota for graduate school helped me significantly. It forced me to get rid of things to make the travel and moving in to a new apartment easier.

However, I still have more than I would like. I still have moments where I feel like I’m not making a dent in my things. I still have moments where I just want to throw everything away and be done with it, but I catch myself. I remind myself that this journey is not a sprint but a forever marathon. One in which I will get better with in time. I remind myself I’m way better than where I was a month ago or six months ago.


My advice to myself and to you all, is remind yourself  why you’re cleansing yourself of things in the first place. Tell other people what you’re doing to have people hold you accountable. Don’t buy more storage to hold things, get rid of things. Let it go! The one day you might need it is never coming. Even if it comes be creative and find another solution. Challenge yourself to find another way to solve your problem with the things you do have. Don’t get hung up on that thing you no longer have and remember that you’re one step closer to your vision. The feeling of accomplishment at the top of the wall is incredible.  A true reflection of your hard work and a beautiful view of all you have overcome below you.

Continue to live consciously. Anybody out there struggle with letting go?

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