A Shopping Fast

A complete stop. No clothes shopping for 6 months.

It just touched my heart in the beginning of the year. I wanted to challenge myself. I also knew I needed to cut my expenses for big things I had planned for this year and next. I thought cutting back on buying clothes would be a good place to start.

So off I was. A past lowkey shopaholic gone cold turkey. Thankfully I was able to get two thrifted pieces on my Florida vacation at the end of the year to add something different to my wardrobe. This journey has already taught me so much.


I learned I need to express myself through other channels: This journey has reinforced the fact that I express a lot of myself through fashion. It’s what I’ve always done since I was a kid. I love it and comes naturally to me. It’s been hard for me to channel my energy in other things. Thankfully my husband and I discovered a passion for working out together. This has become a bonding opportunity for us and it keeps us healthy.

I learned to be creative: I haven’t been able to buy new pieces to my wardrobe but it’s forced me to pull older pieces and mix with my newer stuff. Plus I seize opportunities to get new pieces like raiding my best friend’s donation bag to see if I liked anything. I did by the way! I got two cute shirts and a skirt. If you’re curious to know more about thrifting and hand-me-downs, here’s the link to my latest post about thrifting “hand-me-downs”  

I learned I make impulsive purchases: There are times were I just see something on sale on social media, it sparkles and shines just for me and then I want it. Right then and there. I start to fear I’m not going to get that good deal again. But instead since I’m on this journey I write down the piece I want. If I still want it at the end of this 6 months then I know I really liked it, value it, and I will buy it. There are four things on my list now. A lot less than what I know I’ve wanted to buy.


During this process I’m also donating clothes. I’m trying to flush out my closet. I know the pieces I gravitate towards and the ones I don’t. About once a month I try donating pieces. I’ve given a least 15 pieces of clothes this year. It feels  good to give my clothes to new homes who can benefit from my clothes.

I’m getting to a point where I’m maximizing more of my wardrobe. But I want to get to a point where I love ever piece in my closet. I want to feel incredible in every piece. I absolutely love the idea. This process is helping me get there. I’m transitioning my thought process to not just buy things because it’s a “good sale” but because I actually love or need the piece.

This process has been good for testing myself. I’m building good shopping skills when it comes to clothes. I’m recognizing my weak points that it hurts to not get clothes in the moment. But I’m slowly feeling less and less that my wardrobe is not enough. I have three more months of this crap journey. Then I’m free to shop again. Woohoo!

But I can already feel the way I think about shopping is changing and will continue to change in the coming months. I have good memories with my Mama and friends shopping. Shopping is something I love doing. Finding new pieces that reflect me. Expressing my creativity through clothes. But I had a lot of problematic habits in the midst of that love. This shopping fast has been challenging but already so insightful.

Have you ever tried a shopping fast? I’m curious to hear your experiences.

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