Thrifting: A fancy word for “hand-me-downs”

Who thrifts?


 It’s one of the easiest parts for me to do in this blended journey of (eco friendly/zerowaste/minimalism). I love fashion and I’m not too picky of where I get my clothes either.

It all started long long ago, a.k.a like the early 2000s, growing up as a middle child of three sisters. My mom was on full hustle mode for clothing her girls. There was four of us. We were active growing young girls. Funny enough, there was even a time in my life where my Mama didn’t even know what size I wore. I had been wearing my older sisters hand-me-downs for way too long. She couldn’t be bothered I guess. She knew I was clothed. Haha. ( I know you cared Mama. Love ya!) I’ve also been on the other end where I’ve passed down my clothes to my little sister and friends. It’s a beautiful sharing cycle.

I even got clothes from extended family too. I had an older cousin whose wardrobe I adored. She always seemed to have the latest trends and the cutest pieces. Anytime she was cleaning out her closet I could pick from The Collection. Anytime I got clothes from someone, I would call it “Insert Name Collection”. Zoey Collection. Lupita Collection. I girl could dream right? But you get the picture. It felt good to make someone laugh and I felt clever for coming up with it. It was a win-win.
So I can say the basic idea of thrifting, wearing other people’s clothes, is not new to me nor an awkward space to be in. Its basically a fancy term for “hand-me-downs”. Clothes you get from someone else whose out grown or no longer wants their clothes. Something I have been getting most of my life. Thrifting is a way to cut back on creating textile waste and a way to reduce the fast-fashion industry which significantly creates to textile waste. To show you just how out of control textile waste has gotten, in 2014 the USA put over 7 million tons of textile waste into landfills! 7 million people. That’s a butt load!
In my early years of college, I used to thrift. Not because I was trying to cut textile waste. I was broke. It was cheaper. A simple solution. But I fell off buying from thrift stores. No reason really. But I was recently inspired last year by an old friend from my hometown. Her name’s Taylor and she’s a real genuine passionate spirit that has a thrift blog with a vintage twist called As you can see throughout this post I’ve added some great new additions to my wardrobe right before my 6 month shopping for clothes fast. A post will be coming soon about this 6 months clothing fast!
Thrifting is quite natural for me honestly. But I can totally see how people could feel weird. Give yourself some time. Start with something that doesn’t directly touch large amounts of you’re skin, if that’s the issue, like a purse, hat or jewelry. Then slowly move up to a scarf, shoes, etc. Before you know it your whole wardrobe will be thrifted! It will feel good to know you’re not adding to textile waste.
So who thrifts out there? I wonder. I can’t be alone. I’m curious to hear if other countries have something similar to thrifting but use a different term. Thrifting can be for everyone -if people are open to it. I see all shapes and sizes represented at stores like Goodwill, Savers plus little boutiques. Share your thrifting experiences or concerns. I’m open to share some more thoughts about thrifting and how to start!


Thrift Finds:  Peach short sleeve sweater–>Goodwill 
                          Tan short sleeve knitted shirt–>Given to me by my best friend
                          Louis Vuitton Purse–>Given to me by my generous Aunty
Live consciously…

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