Patience a Part of the Journey

Everyone could probably use a little more of it. Lord knows I need it.



I’m constantly working on having more of it in my life. I feel like it can make life so much better. Less stress that’s for sure. Like many areas of my life I need more patience. I need patience with myself,  my husband, my friends and family, school, and the list goes on and on.  To no surprise this blended journey is no different.

I need more patience to figure out what companies match my values

I would love to just know all the eco-friendly and ethically sourced companies out there. It would sure save me a lot of time. But that would make this new journey pretty boring, right? I will say, it’s a pretty awesome feeling to find a company that matches your values. I’ve already found a few. That’s what I am seeking. Intentional consumption. Conscious consumer.


I need more patience to realize the plastic isn’t going anywhere

I wish the plastic I own would just disappear. With a snap of my fingers the plastic would vanish! I literally look at plastic and just get annoyed, mad, and frustrated there’s so much of it. I feel annoyed that I can’t do much with the plastic now but use the heck out of it. I’m high key ready to just throw away all these suckers out. But I know that doesn’t make sense, not for my pocket and not for the zerowaste movement. My only option is to attempt to find patience (Lord help me!) and use my plastic containers. Then I will eventually get to the silver lining of beautiful stainless steel containers!

Incorporating patience into my life is an ongoing journey like many things in life. It’s important to have a strong support system. I know I have my partner, who’s very helpful. But like most challenges I won’t give up. I’m a determined little nugget.


Does anyone else struggle with patience on this journey?

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