The Day I tried to be a (S)hero

IMG_4090I’m back at again. School. I guess I can’t help myself. I love the structure and the desire to learn that fills the air of academia and higher education.

I am a graduate student now. I am getting my masters in Public Policy with a concentration/certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. My degree is an avenue for me to make positive lasting change by collaborating with diverse people.

A part of my learnings has been about being vocal. Voicing concerns where there can be improvements and providing creative solutions.

I tried this.

Voicing my concern.

The result: a whole class discussion and a whole bunch of …

You want to know what happened the day I tried to be a shero?

IMG_4091It all started the day I made one of New Year’s Resolutions to live life courageously. Last week, a situation had come up in my economic analysis class. I noticed the class powerpoint’s were printed two slides to a paper and it wasn’t double sided. I instantly thought this is wasteful. This could be better. But I didn’t want to get on my high horse and make a scene so I didn’t say anything.

I felt like I had chickened out some how but then I remembered my New Year’s Resolution: live life courageously. So in the beginning of the next class, I talked to my professor. I asked her if she could put the powerpoint up before hand so I can print 4 slides to a page and back to back. I explained to her I’m trying to cut back on my waste.

She said it would be difficult for her to get the powerpoint up earlier before class. I said no worries and thank you anyway. I went back to my seat. A little defeated but proud of myself for living courageously even if it was small. But it wasn’t over yet.

She walked over to where my friends and I were sitting. She encouraged me to bring it up to the class about having the powerpoints printed out differently. I instantly was like “nah I’m good”  “oh no it’s fine”. I took two steps back on my path of courage.

The next thing I know my professor is saying “So one of your classmates brought up a concern about the way the powerpoint slides are printed.” ( my face drops) She proceeds to talk to the class about options of having 3 or 4 slides on each page instead of 2. There was a failed attempt to vote on how many slides should be on a paper.

I attempted at one point to say “it saves paper” like a lame. Someone said two slides a page is fine “Everyone just recycle”. I thought to myself “If only it was that easy”. We wouldn’t have the problems we do. Basically the class started doing the most so a decision was not agreed upon. So there it is people. My attempt to be a shero.

The result ladies and gentlemen was a whole bunch of not much. The following class there were two slides printed per paper printed back to back. But I liked to think I influenced them, my professor and classmates. Maybe they will change to 3 slides instead of 2 one day.

I try to remember in moments like this, I started conversation. I brought awareness and that’s a powerful thing. I’ll try to value that more. Here’s to hoping I brought about some small once of change in my economic analysis class!

Me trying to stunt African head wrap fabric as a scarf  🙂

When was a moment you stepped up in class about something and it went really well or really bad?


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