2018: Your Best Year Yet

Wednesday night. Last minute flight. No kids. Shared suitcase. Airport Thursday morning. Off to the place where we fell in love. To the happiest place on earth…or so they say. Sunny, sunny, FLORIDA. 

Some would say I started my new year by running away from my new home in the Twin Cities, even though you would too when single digit weather is a good day. For goodness sakes, I escaped -20 degree weather. So excuse me for taking my behind back home to normal livable temperatures


(above freezing at 32 F degrees). Where the sun is always shining, the vitamin D is in abundance, and the natural sunlight is perfect for the ultimate Instragram pic.

I’m right where I supposed to be.

Truly I went to reconnect. Being with family and friends does something almost magical for me. I guess it’s because Disney World is near. Connecting with people that make me laugh, cry, excited, and turnt all help me rejuvenate for the new year. They remind me of who I am. That’s Florida to me. It’s where family is, childhood friends, undergraduate memories, the place I fell in love with my husband. The heart goes were it’s fond of. So it was only fitting that I persuade my husband to get us to Florida as soon as I was on winter break for school.

Back to where my mind and body are able to align. Florida. Oh how I’ve missed you. I could think of no better way to end off a great year and begin an even better one. So welcome people. It’s 2018. I am here to let you know it’s about to be the best year of your life.

A little birdie told me.

What a blessing it is to see another day, let alone another year. I try daily to remind myself not everyone made it to this year and for that I am grateful. There’s something rejuvenating about getting a chance to start fresh and the confidence you feel to do better than what you did last year. Hope is in the air. In the beginning of the year there’s hope to achieve new goals and resolutions. I’m a believer in constantly setting goals and to no surprise, I am one of those New Year’s Resolutions people.

In the past, I remember working towards personal goals and being laughed at. People would think I wasn’t really doing anything. But this little nugget


knew what she was doing.

I was creating my drops. The drops that would create ripple effects far beyond my eyes could see.  This year I plan to make even more people laugh. Focus on my goals more and gain deeper fulfillment from those goals. I do believe it’s good to set resolutions in the beginning of the year. Refocus your efforts in the things you want out of life.

This year I have two New Year’s Resolutions. The first resolution is directly about this blog, my baby, and the second one applies to my life in general.

Replace bad habits with good habits
Life is full of habits we cultivate over time. These habits ultimately create the life we live. Over the years I have noticed I’ve developed some bad habits ( i.e. a dangerous love for processed candy) but I have worse habits like my high reliance on plastic and urge to hoard things that I don’t need. This is the year of replacing the bad with the good. I am committed to making small changes in my conscious consumer life. It’s a long road ahead to replacing all my hurtful and self-destructive habits with good ones but your girl is not worried. One small step for man, one giant step for mama earth.

Live courageously
So much of my young life I lived in fear. It was the underlying reason I was in denial of my vulnerabilities and willingness to open up. It was the reason I didn’t pursue certain relationships. However as I reflect on my life and others, I realize we miss the best opportunities of life by living in fear. The dream job. The big move. New relationships. New adventures. All the good stuff that grabs you in a movie or book. Despite my past, I’m promising myself to live courageously and to boldly seize the blessings of life.

My little story of laughter and haters are now my fuel. People used to laugh at my little 15 to 30 min workouts that I did in my room. But I stuck to it. Now I exercise regularly and most days for an hour.

Remember you have everything you need in you to get to your goals. The key that many overlook is the small victories. Have full-blown out victory parties for your small victories, for they are the only things that ever turn into big victories.

So a toast to beginning a new year and sticking to promises! I would love to hear what resolutions you made for 2018! Anndddd to encourage you even more and show my confidence in y’all, I will congratulate you in advance. CONGRATS for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions past February. #highfive

I may or may not be going back to Minnesota…



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